The start of something new?

I’ll set the scene for you… at 38 years old I’m a relatively healthy woman, wife and mum of 1, plus 2 step-children. Life is hectic pretty much all of the time with school commitments, family activities, work and a social life – so where do I find the time for me?

Like countless others I have tried a number of eating plans and fitness routines, each with varying degrees of success, but I never see them through – which is more a reflection on me I suppose!

I’ve had a particularly sh%$ 18 months, I lost my dad to esophageal cancer in January this year and not long before that I suffered a miscarriage – which was rather traumatic to say the least, not just because I had to have the baby removed but because it impacted the whole family.

So, here I am – all in all it’s been challenging which has led to my current mindset of not giving a f!%$, it’s true that life is too short and you’ll often hear my saying “Oh, go on then, why not?” which is great, and how we should approach our lives, but as I am finding out, not when it comes to food and drink – something has got to give – and believe me my trousers aren’t feeling very forgiving.

My aim is to adapt my current approach, but also to a realistic one that fits in with my busy family as well as my enjoyment of life – can I find the right balance? Join me on my c.600 day quest into looking at how I can improve my eating habits, my exercise (or lack of it), committing to it and actually enjoying it!

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