My body…

My body changed almost immediately with my last pregnancy, and after the miscarriage I have retained the belly – which is another sh%$ slap in the face reminder. I know my husband adores me (and my body), but I’m just not feeling the love for myself.

Simply put, I enjoy my food. I work in an office where it’s always someone’s birthday, and where I am guilty of being a “feeder” by bringing in regular treats – so it’s often hard to avoid work-based snacks. Our children love the “foods” most 8 and 9 year-old’s like; beige and full of sugar and again, it can be hard to resist.

“Shut the f%$£ up love” I hear you scream, I know – this is all down to me, changing my mindset and my habits…I’m in!

The harsh reality…

I have weighed, measured and documented my particulars and i’m going to publish them (eeeeeeeeeek! yes, perhaps I am a little crazy!)

  • My current weight is 10st, 5lbs / 147lbs / 66.6kg
  • My thigh measures 23″
  • My upper arm measures 13″
  • Across my bust – 38″
  • My waist measures 32″
  • My hips 41.5″
  • My Body Mass Index (BMI), which I calculated using the fab NHS BMI calculator is a scary 27.7

This is an UNHEALTHY measurement for my height, I’m 5′ 1″ – a healthy weight range for my height is, 6st 14lb (which I can safely say I haven’t been since a young teenager), and 9st 7lbs – so for now I will set this as my goal.

Now for the really scary bit…

These are the parts of my body I really aim to improve. I’d love to hear from you with tips, advice and exercises I can use to address these particular problem areas.

2 thoughts on “My body…

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