A fully fledged member of the gym…

I’m officially inducted, at the brand-new, £10.3 million Bromsgrove Sport and Leisure Centre. I was extremely impressed with the equipment, classes available and the staff.

I selected the annual membership because as well as being the most cost effective option I thought it would encourage me to go more?!

My induction was pain-free and consisted of a walk around to see all the machines available, and the free weights area. After it was over, I thought I’d better make the most of it, so I put in 30 minutes effort on the treadmill – bearing in mind I haven’t even looked at one for at least 6 months – I set a 3 km distance…after 0.5 km I was ready to die!

I reverted back to intervals; 1 minute on and 1 minute off which helped – I think it’s safe to say my fitness levels have somewhat dwindled. I read somewhere that if you are a running novice then this is the best way to get your body accustomed to it.

In a fortnight I am booked in for my personal goal setting (PGS) session – where a member of the team will go through with me in more detail the correct exercises I can use to focus on the areas I want to address (how can you forget those?!).

Watch this space for more gym updates…

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