Sprouts, shots and symphonies!

It’s that time of year again, where you can’t avoid nights out, and trying to be “good” is the biggest pain in the ass.

My weekend began on Friday 1st December, the day of the work Christmas party. I began the day “carbing-up” with a sausage sandwich, so as not to get too drunk – quickly followed by a Waitrose all butter puff pastry mince pie (man these are to die for – if you are partial to them like me!).

I’m writing this with such fond memories, a tub of Twiglets to my left and a nice glass of red to my right, even though at some point this weekend I’m certain I vowed to a future life of sobriety?!

It was the usual affair, all us girls planning for weeks what we were going to wear and how to have our hair…the party was great, with far too many shots, overcooked sprouts and some killer dance moves! I stumbled in about an hour and a half later than I’d said I would be, carrying my shoes which bore the signs of a pretty awesome night!


Saturday was painful, I think the postman thought so too when I opened the door to him resembling the Heath Ledger version of The Joker. I had to quickly get my sh£$ together and man up as we had house guests arriving to stay with us.

At 7pm we all met at The Symphony Hall for The British Police Symphony Orchestra (BPSO) Proms Night Spectacular. This is an annual family get together, and marks the start of the season’s festivities. Fast forward 12 hours and my husband was only just getting in to bed!

I won’t bore you with the details but an amazing night was had by all, and for me a double hangover is particularly bad news…I crave fizzy drinks and savoury food. Things have really gone off track – the most exercise I have done this weekend is the previously mentioned killer moves on the dance floor, and a walk up Broad Street to get a taxi and a kebab!

This week’s results aren’t going to be great, BUT, I had an amazing weekend, spent quality time with my husband, friends and our family, I got to wear a beautiful dress, and I laughed until it hurt…

Happiness results = 100
Health results = who cares?!

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