Good friends = free therapy…

This week didn’t start too well; still suffering the effects of a great weekend I instigated ordering a Domino’s pizza for lunch (this wasn’t met with any resistance I’d like to add – in fact I think it was almost seen as heroic!). Then when I got home, Paul and I ate buttered new potatoes with smoked bacon and broccoli, which was literally the first, and last of my 5 a day!

On Tuesday I fell at the first hurdle after having an office “birthday” Krispy Kreme doughnut, and later that day I was meeting my friend Jayne for my birthday gift – a night at the theatre, so I wasn’t planning on it ending saintly either.

We began the celebrations at Tapas Revolution in Grand Central, Birmingham, which is an amazing place to eat and great value. Here we enjoyed a fabulous catch-up, with a glass of fizz (standard) and lots of giggles.

Talking with your friends is a beautiful thing, which I have only in the last 6 or so years realised…after a particularly bad time when my granddad died I wasn’t coping too well; a full -time job, a 3 year old daughter and all the grief and emotion of losing my Grand. Being a very independent person, and not one to burden others with my shit became my undoing and I suffered a brief mental breakdown – I truly couldn’t cope.

However, after some well needed sick leave, some prescribed medication and 8 sessions of psycho-dynamic counselling I realised I could cope, was still strong and had the support of my amazing friends and family – who did want to listen, and still always do.

As long as you are an equally good friend providing a sympathetic ear, a voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on, or simply a smiling face – friends and family should be those we turn to first, to help each other in times of need – and I’d like to say I’m eternally grateful to all of mine. As the title states: good friends = free therapy!

Anyway, back to the theatre, Flashdance to be specific. The show was amazing and I highly recommend it – to the girls AND the guys (it’s one for the Dads!!) – high energy, beautiful people and fantastic production. Joanne Clifton is magnificent, I knew she could dance, but she’s an amazing singer too. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and have to admit that I think I have a new girl crush (sorry Annie Mac!).

Joanne Clifton as Alex Owens - Photo by Brian Hartley

NOTE TO SELF: research dancing as part of this project

Sorry though, in all seriousness what I am trying to really say is, always make time for your friends and family, not only because they wont always be around, but because they are precious. Make the effort as they can often need to see and talk to you just as much as you might them. So pick up the phone, pop round for a brew or send an email – it can often be all that’s needed to put the smile back on someone’s face and a warm glow inside, letting them know that you are there and you care.

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