My 600 day plan…

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As a wise person (not entirely sure who as Google claims it was both Benjamin Franklin and Sir Winston Churchill!) once said “Failing to plan is planing to fail”.

My plan is pretty straightforward, I will be splitting the following 600 days into 20 30-day chunks. Throughout this time I hope to try many wonderful activities. I hope that 30 days will allow me to provide a relatively informed opinion, although I appreciate 4 weeks does not make me an expert, so I hope you will take my introductions and try them all for yourself.

I want to discover new talents and find an approach to my healthy lifestyle that I enjoy and will take forward.

January February March April
Holistic Krav Maga Swimming Walking
May  June July August
Cycling  Dancing Running -treadmill Running -outdoors
September October November December
January February March April
May June  July August

Where I have blanks I am yet to be inspired, so please send me your ideas and any details of activities and course I can consider.


3 thoughts on “My 600 day plan…

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