Boxing day (not 26th December)

Earlier this year my Dad died after bravely battling esophageal cancer. The night he passed away is still fresh in all our minds, but it’s this night that leads to my first 30 day activity.

That night I couldn’t sleep and so  turned to the facial book – the first post I see is “Beat cancer sooner”, it’s a post from UWCB and Cancer Research UK – I was feeling angry and upset and thought yes I can beat you, you f%$£ing awful disease, so I did it, I registered!

Fast forward a few weeks and it was the official registration evening, held at Edgbaston Stadium. I was one of only a handful of women, in a room of about 100 men – but it wasn’t daunting, everyone was there to do their bit towards fighting cancer.

Soon after training began, it consisted of 2 official sessions per week, with an amazing trainer, Sam Smith of Rigs Fitness, and as much personal development as possible in our free time. Training was intense, a great blend of HIIT, body strength and boxing techniques and principles.

Fight night eventually came and was both exhilarating and terrifying – I drew my fight against my amazing partner Mandy Gallai and I’d raised over £1,500 for Cancer Research UK.

The training was an amazing way for me to focus my grief, and it worked wonders on my fitness levels. I would highly recommend getting involved to anyone who is or has considered it.

Through the boxing training I discovered an easy way to improve cardio and burn fat – skipping. I hadn’t skipped since I was at primary school, and after childbirth was a high-risk activity in itself!

Even jumping at a very moderate rate is said to burn up to 16 calories a minute. If you were to do three 10-minute rounds that’s 480 calories in half an hour. Still don’t believe how good skipping is for you? then take a look at Sam Smith’s detailed account of the benefits of skipping.

Ans so here it begins, my first activity: 30 days of skipping…

3 thoughts on “Boxing day (not 26th December)

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  2. It was such a joy training with you – not sure I would have stuck it out without your humour and fierce determination to kick ass. You’re an incredible woman, and I miss those training sessions.
    Hope to see you soon beautiful xxx

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