Results – week 3

Ok so I missed week 2, and here’s why…

It did not get off to a great start, and ended pretty much the same too. It was really tough, we were snowed in for part of it, so could only eat was was in the cupboards; mince pies, After Eights, Baileys – All delightful but completely unnecessary!

It was here that I stopped logging my food into MyFitness Pal as I was too ashamed to see my total consumption!

After reading my week 1 results blog my friend Tasha has advised that my Macros are all wrong – sounds painful!

So what are Macros?

Macros is short for macronutrients, this is what makes up the calorific content of the foods we eat. By getting the balance right Tash is convinced I will have more energy and achieve better results.

What she has also warned me of (she knows me far too well!), is becoming a Drunkorexic. This is a new term, which is actually very serious, given to those who skip meals to save calories to drink alcohol!

Note to self: aim to reduce alcohol to weekends only, and embrace introducing and measuring my macros

Tash has calculated that based on my height, weight, age and current exercise levels that I should be aiming for about 1,730 calories per day with an effective macro split of:

  • 50% protein (although this can be hard)
  • 30% carbs
  • 20% fat

So here goes…

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