New Year’s Protestations!

Happy New Year to you all. So, who else woke up on New Year’s Day feeling like they could take on the world?

I wanted to, but after the amount of vodka I consumed the night before my positive, can-do attitude was a little slap-dash to say the least! A can of full fat coke and a sausage sandwich (with ketchup) soon sorted me out. My new careful and considered approach to what I eat was not going well.

To distract myself from the pain of my hangover I soothed my mind with the delights of Pinterest. High protein breakfast was my search term of choice, right before my eyes was an array of exciting and beautiful looking suggestions – only trouble was that it was New Year’s Day and the shops were closed and we hadn’t been shopping since before Christmas. The chances of finding anything really healthy were few and far between. However, after a search which resembled that which we do when looking for Harvest Festival hamper items, I found the following:

  • A tin of butter beans
  • 2 fresh tomatoes (freshness dubious but they were still firm)
  • A somewhat shabby yellow pepper
  • A tin of tuna, and
  • Some tortilla wraps

Feeling inspired by Pinterest and with effort and skills that would have not been out of place on Ready, Steady, Cook I rustled up this:


Tuna and butter bean salad


Not bad, eh?! I even added it to My Fitness Pal…

food 3

Note to self: go shopping ASAP as we may develop scurvy due to the lack of fresh anything!

My pride was short lived as I immediately started to panic – it’s a bank holiday, what on earth will I do on a school/work day? Most mornings after showering and making myself look barely presentable, asking my daughter fifty-thousand-odd times to 1) get dressed, 2) eat her breakfast, 3) brush her teeth, 4) brush her hair, 5) put her shoes on (please note this list is just an example and varies on a daily basis, this list can often be much shorter or more likely, much longer), I find I just about have time to have a brain fuelling shot of coffee. The best food I manage most days is an empty take-away carton with some rolled oats and a sprinkling of cinnamon to eat at some point later in the morning at my desk.

Another note to self: find some more quick and easy breakfast ideas that I can prepare in advance.

I hope that by focusing a little more on what I eat and enjoying planning and creating options that are a bit different, I’ll be able to develop better habits and hopefully improve my health, and perhaps with a bit of luck get the kids to try some new foods too – whooooaaaahhhh! I think it’s here I need to get real, right now and stop being too optimistic!



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