February 2018 – vegan month


Vebruary is now over, and to be honest, hasn’t been as time consuming and painful as I’d originally imagined. And, thanks to a current societal trend, have found being vegan quite easy, as there are so many more options now, either in supermarkets or when eating out.

Just beware though that as soon as you see any products that feature the words free from or suitable for vegans the prices seem to soar. The best advice I was given was to follow the Accidentally Vegan on Instagram.

If anything I think I have been an unhealthy vegan, as there are so many “treat” foods that are vegan friendly; Oreos, Skittles and Bourbon biscuits – to name but a few! Over the past 28 days I haven’t really missed meat, I have found it harder to resist cheese and eggs, particularly when grating cheese, it was so hard to resist the habit of munching on that last bit that will never disappear.

I won’t lie to you, I did see the advert for the new Grande Big Mac and get a little twinge of excitement! I know this will absolutely ruin my digestive system but feel the short term gain will be worth it, and if it isn’t – lesson learnt!

I have learnt many things on my vegan journey, and have adopted some new eating habits, but I cannot sustain vegan for the rest of my days. Yes, this may offend some of you but that’s the truth, my truth.

The health benefits have been amazing and I will be considerably eating a lot less meat, cheese and eggs,  as it has really suited me and my digestion:

Results (when compared to week 8 results)

  • 140lbs/10st (4lbs loss)
  • Upper arm (12″ no change)
  • Thigh – 23″ (0.5″ loss)
  • Bust – 38″ (no change)
  • Waist – 32″ (1″ loss)
  • Hips – 41″ (0.5″ loss)
  • BMI – 26.4 (0.8 lower)

So far this new year, work and life have slightly consumed us, and my original 600 day plan to adopt swimming as March’s activity has not been planned and cannot be as we are so busy – with this in mind I have searched “fitness for busy lives” and found the 7 minute workout App.

March will now consist of a minimum of 217 minutes of home based exercise.

Check back to see how I get on with the 7 minute workout challenge…

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