March madness and the April Fool!

The title says it all really! Things were really busy and hectic in March, then continued pretty much the same way throughout April.

But now I’m back! I’ve had a great couple of months; completely invested in and loving my new job, as well as enjoying quality time with my family and friends.

So my 600 day plan has obviously gone off course somewhat, and has been adapted slightly, so this is what I’ve been up to…

  • I’ve continued to maintain a vegan diet which has been great for my digestion and weight. I’m at 9st 12lbs/62.5 kgs and a BMI of 26 (which although is still overweight it’s going down!)
  • Spent a fantastic four days with my husband in New York; enjoying quite a few drinks and lots of typically American food. In this time my Fitbit tracker clocked up 106,471 steps, which is the equivalent of 42.4 miles/68km
    Brooklyn Bridge, New York

    Brooklyn Bridge, New York

  • Enjoyed four days in the Lake District, which was again a very enjoyable trip with family and friends, however there was not much walking! Only 42,223 steps, or 26.9km
  • Then a cold but sunny two days camping in Wrenbury, which meant that the vegan diet was paused slightly (for 2 days). With a very impressive 42,507 steps walked or 20k!

So, now I am back in full Fit B4 Forty mode and I am focusing on my body as I am feeling confident with my diet at the moment. My challenge for May is to run 5k each day.

Check back in two weeks to see how I’m getting on… #5kadayinMay

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