May, May 5k a day

The challenge I have set for myself is to run #5kadayinMay – well when I say run it began somewhat painfully, and, can only be described as detested interval training to get my fitness back to a normal level.

For anyone considering running, if you are just starting out or need some support there are some great Apps available. In the past I have used Couch to 5k which I found great for motivation and encouragement to push yourself just a little harder. I would also recommend investing in a great sports bra, my particular favourite is similar to this high-impact one from Next, it has done me proud!

And so, I took to the treadmill, as yet I am still to go on an outdoor run…I like the feeling of safety I get from being in my own home, and with the kids, it means they can carry on with their homework (or annoying the f*&k out of each other) whilst I run.

As I’ve enjoyed running in the past I knew the best way for me to stay focused would be to watch something engrossing, so after the new series of Dynasty (chewing gum for the brain available on Netflix) I went with Prime Suspect, from the very start!

So, now I am two weeks in and on Prime Suspect season 4, and guess what?… I am actually loving running, and actually look forward to it!

Week 1 – expected distance 35k

  • Monday 30th April – 4.7k as knew we were going out on 1st May (Happy Birthday Mum!), onto May…
  • Tuesday 1st – 0k
  • Wednesday 2nd – 5k
  • Thursday 3rd – 5k
  • Friday 4th – 0k (blame Gemma and Matt for getting engaged and having a party)
  • Saturday 5th – 0k and 4 hours of gardening
  • Sunday 6th – 0k and a lovely afternoon spent with my family(need to start making up the lost distance!)
  • Monday 7th – 6.5k

Total distance covered in week 1 = 14.7k (20.3k to be made up!)

Week 2 – expected distance 35k

  • Tuesday 8th – 5.5k
  • Wednesday 9th – 5k
  • Thursday 10th – 4.2k
  • Friday 11th – 5.5k
  • Saturday 12th – 6k
  • Sunday 13th – 7k
  • Monday 14th – 5.3k

Total distance covered in week 2 = 38.5k (now only 16.8k to be made up!)

I’ve also stuck to the vegan diet, and I’m really happy to say that it’s all having a positive effect. I feel really energetic and happy, and my measurements are:

  • 139lbs/9st 13kgs (1lb loss)
  • Upper arm – 12″ (no change)
  • Thigh – 23.5″ (0.5″ gain)
  • Bust 37″ (1″ loss)
  • Waist 32″ (no change)
  • Hips – 39.5″ (1.5″ loss)

Catch up with me in 15 days time to see the month’s results, and to learn what this loon will be doing in June.


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