140km or 87 miles?


Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

So May is over and my 5k a day challenge is no more. The total distance I was set to cover was roughly from where I live to Chesterfiled (140km).

The rest of the month went like this (16.8km outstanding from first two weeks):

Week 3 – expected distance 35km

Tuesday 15th = 0
Wednesday 16th – 9.3km
Thursday 17th – 5.7km
Friday 18th – 5.5km
Saturday 19th – 0 – at Splash Landings with the kids and got VERY sunburnt
Sunday 20th – 8.5km
Monday 21st – 7km

Total distance covered in week 3 = 36km (now only 15.8km outstanding!)

Week 4 (to the end of the calendar month) – expected distance 35km

Tuesday 22nd – 4km
Wednesday 23rd – 0
Thursday 24th – 0
Friday 25th – 4.3km
Saturday 26th – 10km (my first time and it felt gooooood)
Sunday 27th – 0
Monday 28th – 7.7km
Tuesday 29th – 6km
Wednesday 30th – 0
Thursday 31st – 7.5km

Total distance covered in week 4 = 39.5km (11.3km outstanding).

So, I’m 2 and a bit days off the target I’d set out to achieve, but I feel a massive sense of accomplishment – I’m loving running again, feeling better, looking better and just generally proud of what I’ve done.

My measurements are as follows:

Weight – 9st 10lbs/61.7kgs = 1.3 kg loss
Thigh – 23″ = 0.5″ loss
Upper arm – 11.75″ = 0.25″ loss
Bust – no change
Waist – 31.5″ = 0.5″ loss
Hips – 41″ = 1.5″+ (although fitting into clothes I haven’t for some time!!)
BMI – 25.6 = 0.6 lower

I do know I will be keeping up with the running, perhaps not as much as 5k a day, but who knows?! For June I want to focus on a specific area and see what, if anything I can do to these problem areas, so I will firstly I will address the guns, sorry I mean bingo-wings!

My catchy title will be Lifting (weights) and Shifting (running). I’ve taken part in free-weight/dumbell/kettlebell classes before, but never have I been left to my own devices, so I am going to find a workout or two on Pinterest and take it from there!

I’ll see you again in two weeks for an update…

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