Fat before 40!

It's been SOME time since my last update! I'm sorry! In this time I have been busy living life, moving house and enjoying the splendid summertime! What a scorcher it was?! it's been a time of extremes - I have been either super good with my food and exercise or extremely baaaaad! I've retitled myself … Continue reading Fat before 40!

May, May 5k a day

The challenge I have set for myself is to run #5kadayinMay - well when I say run it began somewhat painfully, and, can only be described as detested interval training to get my fitness back to a normal level. For anyone considering running, if you are just starting out or need some support there are … Continue reading May, May 5k a day


January is the month of self-promises; resolutions to get healthy and fit - a marketeers' dream! Therefore, it's not surprising that Britain's diet industry is estimated to be worth £2billion. So, why do we all buy into it? We are constantly bombarded with images of super thin celebrities and feel we have to be skinny … Continue reading Tea-tox?